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For any business or eCommerce business, we produce outstanding ‘clickthroughs’ from SEO services & Google Ads. This is how we distinguish ourselves from other :

You can see our website among the top search pages like SEO Auckland, SEO Services or SEO NZ. We have established an advanced capacity since many years to make excellent clicks for New Zealand enterprises with personalised SEM strategies

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A modern software for optimising your search engine must, at its heart, produce fascinating contents that call for a Google algorithm and your target audience.

See this brief video of the basic principles for optimising organic search engines. Then contact us to find out how SEO for your business can be demystified using a tailor designed search engine marketing strategy that distinguishes your company from the kit.

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We live in an instantaneously free world where everything, including outcomes, must happen immediately. We, at 45 media like SEO more than anything though, where you get continued effort results. Even AdWords continues to be fostered. Take into account the following points before you determine if your company is optimised for an organic search engine. What are the search terms? Are you in a tough market where you want to outnumber well-established rivals with deep pockets? On an individual level, it needs even more than a lower volume, less competitive search rating for competitive search conditions like SEO Auckland.

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More than 60 percent of search engine clicks are from organic search (AdWords). However it takes time and work to bring an organic search engine to the top of the search results pages and keep it there, as with all essential promotional resources. Fortunately, days have gone by when coercive SEO strategies are being used like filling in keywords and buying disproportionate backlinks. A modern SEO strategy involves constantly high levels of content, the development of a white hat connection and the goal to enhance user experience (UX). Optimisation of modern search engines is much more labour-intensive and expensive to get right. The upside may be awesome, though. Want to hire the best in the industry for SEO work then give us a call at 45 media and enjoy a good growth in your ROI.

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How visible is your business website in Christchurch? You’re invisible to your clients if your company doesn’t take the organic keywords quest on the first Google page. It would help if you had a digital marketing agency like 45 Media to help you out with the best services.
In the case of popularity or a dynamic market, the Google Ranking can be enhanced by a well-designed SEO strategy to help new clients find them.

SEO is not the only optimization but also gives your business the push it needs

Optimizing your search engine website, such as Google, is an intelligent way to ensure that your company has trained leaders. To reach a high standard, 45 media delivers tried and tested SEO services to Christchurch companies using only permitted SEO technology.

45 Media provides three separate SEO packages to satisfy individual desires and budgets. The goals are 20 keywords per SEO, 40 keywords for Premium SEO, and 60 keywords for Overall SEO. Every SEO package is based on multiple keywords, while each package contains:

  • A professional SEO audit to see if the website performs a comprehensive keyword analysis to figure out the words that are used in the search.
  • Google analytics helps our SEO team evaluate data.
  • Webmaster software to evaluate the technical running of the website to provide search engines with the correct metadata.
Do you own a website? Get it optimized with us

You have the option. We will build an SEO kit for your new platform if you are satisfied with your original site. We may advise you to add additional content pages to your existing pages or increase content if appropriate.

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You can combine SEO, however, with one of our leading Google Dominator websites if you do not have a website. This offers you a seven-page website built professionally for the maximum search engine optimization by our website design company team. Examples of lead generation sites are available here. Test our e-mail marketing services for even more interaction with your clients.
Want to enjoy the best quality SEO Christchurch services, then you must give us a call, and we will help you grow in the right direction. Our pool of professionals will help you out with the best results.

SEO services in Hamilton that can help you grow in the right direction

Search Engine Optimisation from 45 Media is one of the best ways to position your website exceptionally on SERPs, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engine Optimization The new technology helps to ensure unique advertising on platforms such as e-commerce, newsletters, B2B, B2C, and business websites for a specific audience. The ranking factors have evolved considerably over the years, and now it is more than just making a desirable venue. User engagement is, among other things, the most critical determinant for a website before multiple eyes.

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Suppose you are running an online shopping website or engaging in some other sector, such as education and entertainment. Our SEO Hamilton services will give you customized SEO solutions to help you achieve your goals through law, fitness, manufacturing, travel, real estate, or tourism.

A focussed design

For us, a good concept blends usefulness and aesthetics. We weave our magic around your thoughts to reflect on the growth of your website – with elements of cost-effective, sensitive, and content-optimized Web design and backlinks.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fantastic method that delivers results if you know how to use it properly. Optimizing the landing page and proper handling of PPC lead to improved traffic, increased the lead, and increased revenue. To achieve optimal results, we confine ourselves to the Google guidelines.

Local SEO

Our Fine Local SEO Hamilton services to more local companies. 97% use search engines to purchase products or services from their geographic area, and 82 percent use cell telephone users. We also helped businesses grow their market footprint and local package rankings.


Shopping online is not a recent norm anymore. More than 23 million online traders take part in various operations, and the sector is just becoming increasingly competitive. Our eCommerce SEO solutions will nevertheless allow you to overcome this clutter by personalizingpersonalizing your online shop.

Google penalty

Google regularly updates Panda, Penguin, and Core Updates, which check and adjust the rankings for nearly any Internet website. There is a Google Penalty when traffic on a website and rating fall because of these changes.
We are more interested in designing SEO promotions in our Hamilton SEO agency, which give merchants a difference. We usually take time to research your business, rivals, target audience and expectations and then provide important solutions. For every SEO approach, we assist you in enhancing transitions, revenues, ROI and a sustainable competitive edge. This is done through organic (free) or off-page operations.

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You will benefit from the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a Wellington-based business to maximise the number of visits to the website. 45 Media will help you execute better online marketing techniques for promoting your company in and outside the NZ capital. No matter whether you run a shipping company inside the gorgeous Wellington Harbor, a city centre company or a renowned Brooklyn restaurant, 45 Media seeks the optimal options for your unique objectives and helps to optimise your online presence.

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Wellington is a successful centre for companies, and has increased in the technology industry in particular. In Windy Welly other main industries are manufacturing, tourism, arts and culture, import/export and of course government.
If you are looking for the best SEO services in Wellington then give us a call today and we will help you out. We are the leaders who offer 100% customer satisfaction so that our clients can enjoy full value for money. Your brand is our responsibility, we will help you grow it to the core and give a tough competition to your rivals.
When it comes to SEO you need to understand that the concept is really vast and needs a lot of things to be taken care of. You just cannot grow if you do not have rank on the website. Your website can rank only if you have done SEO from a good digital marketing agency.

The premium brand for leading services

You will learn from SEO regardless of the sector the company works in. 45 Media is the most known SEO agency in New Zealand. We follow only legal SEOs, which are in accordance with the rules of Google. With our validated tactics and industry-leading experience, we’ve already helped many Wellington companies thrive in SEO and reached Google’s first list.

Start from the scratch for world class services

Like most organisations, the internet is their primary inspiration and everything starts by merely looking at Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People aggressively seek out a product or service they want online – and eventually the search results for your brand will pop up.
Google’s uniquely defined search algorithm revised more than 800 times a year defines the websites on Google’s Search Engine Results pages (SERPs). This algorithm includes +250 variables simultaneously and more than 10,000 variants and sub signals as search results are ordered.

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